1. To find miRNAs targeting your genes of interest click on Gene. (Use Ensembl gene or gene symbols)

2. To find gene targeted by miRNAs of your interest click on microRNA. (Use mature mirBase miRNA id's of the species)

3. To find miRNAs targeting a mRNA sequence or by miRNA sequence click on Sequence.(You can also scan your mRNA sequence against miRNAs datasets from a selection of 17 other species including viruses)


miRNA target sites were thought to be present only on 3' UTRs (Untranslated regions) of mRNAs. Most of the publically available databases provide miRNA targets for only mRNA 3' UTR sequences. Here we have implemented well establised miRNA target prediction algorithms miRanda and RNAhybrid on mRNA 5 prime UTR's , coding regions and 3 prime UTR's. Precomputed miRNA target predictions are available for human, mouse, chicken, cow, zebrafish, fruit fly and C. elegans.

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