Author instruction for camera-ready paper submission

The final deadline for submissions of the camera-ready version of your paper and all source files, along with a signed copyright form, is Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 11:59 PM Pacific time. Submissions made after this deadline will be excluded from the proceedings, unless extension has been arranged in advance. We strongly suggest you plan on submitting a few days earlier than the deadline. (Submissions sent via e-mail cannot be accepted.)
All technical paper authors have been allotted twelve (12) pages in the proceedings including authors names and affiliations, the abstract and references. Note that this is the final version of your paper that will be published in the proceedings of PAKDD2018 with LNCS/LNAI by Springer. Authors should follow the Springer LNCS format guidelines for the final submissions. (If you violate this formatting guidelines to squeeze your paper into the allotted number of pages, it cannot be published).
Please note that we need all source files (LaTeX files with all the associated style files, special fonts and eps files, or Word or rtf files) and the final pdfs of the papers.
In addition, the corresponding author must sign the copyright form on behalf of all of the authors of a particular paper, having gained their permission to do so.

For submitting your paper, please go to
Following is a list of files you will be asked to upload in the submission website:

  1. A final PDF file corresponding exactly to the final source files. Your pdf file should be named as PaperID.pdf.
  2. The final source files, incl. bib/bbl files, images, etc. Please zip into one file. Your zip file should be named as
  3. A signed copyright form. Your copyright form should be named as PaperID_copyright.pdf. You can download this form from . When you prepare the copyright form (also called “Consent to Publish”), please use the following names in “Volume Editor(s)” field: Dinh Phung, Vincent Tseng, Geoff Webb, Bao Ho, Mohadeseh Ganji

Feel free to contact our publication chair, Mohadeseh Ganji ( if you need assistance in the preparation of your camera-ready copy.